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A multitechnique study of the interfacial reaction between TiO2 surfaces and Molybdenum - Damien Cossement.

A ToF-SIMS study of the interfacial reaction between 18O labelled TiO2 surfaces and Molybdenum - Damien Cossement.

Chemical and microstructural characterization of plasma polymer films by TOF-SIMS and PCA analysis - Damien Cossement

Design of an Imaging Fabry-PérotInterferometer for the VEST Edge Plasma Temperature Measurement - Nikolay Britun

Diagnostics of a flowing gas microwave dischargefor the sake of optimization of greenhouse gas conversion - Nikolay Britun

First approach in the study of the chemistry of propanethiol based PPF - Rémy Francq.

How to control self-sputtering during high power pulse magnetron sputtering (HPPMS) - Stephanos Konstantinidis.

Influence of the reactive DC magnetron sputtering parameters on copper oxide thin film characteristics - Aurore De Vreeses.

In-situ diagnostics of high-power impulse magnetron sputtering: from spokes and non-reactive sputtering to reactive sputtering - Nikolay Britun

Low fluence Excimer laser ablation in liquid :a route for gold nanoparticles synthesis - Jonathan Dervaux.

Metallic coating by the thermal spraying techniques on the substrate - Morgane Herbin


Optical spectroscopy as a tool for visualization of sputtering plasma dynamics - Nikolay Britun

Optimizing the CO2conversion efficiency in a low-mid pressure pulsed microwave plasma source - Nikolay Britun

Optimizing plasma-assisted CO2conversion in pulsed microwave discharges - Nikolay Britun6

Plasma polymerization of ethyl lactate - Sylvie Ligot.

Spectroscopic observation of oxygen dissociation on nitrogen-doped graphene - Mattia Scadarmaglia.

Study of Zinc oxide thin films doped with fluorine - Xavier Noirfalise.

Synthesis of TiO2:N by glancing angle co-reactive magnetron sputtering for dye-sensitized solar cell applications - Adriano Panepinto.

Time-resolved evolution of the sputtered species ground state densities in a HIPIMS discharge - Nikolay Britun.

Time-resolved laser-induced fluorescence diagnostics in the HIPIMS plasma - Nikolay Britun.

Time-resolved Mass Spectrometry Study of High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering Discharges - Maria Palmucci.

ToF-SIMS and XPS investigations of the controlled oxidation of Mo ultrathin films on 18O labelled TiO - Damien Cossement3

Trot and Tvib determination in CO2 plasma - Nikolay Britun9